Activity in Our Social Anxiety Group

The social anxiety group planned and is participating in social activities together this week.  They chose to hike Lookout Mountain (small hike), go to a sports bar and watch the SuperBowl, go mini-golfing, and have a Game Night/Poker Night at one of the member's homes.  The group plans their activities, and they go to the ones they want.  (Nothing is forced on people.)  But by hanging out with other social anxiety people, they can practice many of the cognitive strategies -- and help each other out with them.  For example, several of the new group members need to slow their speaking/thinking down so that they can be more relaxed and calm.  If they ask other social anxiety group members to help them, the other member(s) just reminds them that "you're speaking a little too quickly" when it occurs. 

In addition to the proactive and practical help with the strategies, everyone is allowing themselves to feel more comfortable around strangers -- even though the entire group is made up of social anxiety participants.  Learning to enjoy being around other people is a very important thing to learn as they move forward in overcoming social anxiety.