Chip Away Anxiety

Chipping away at anxiety every day -- working against it gently and slowly -- is the course of action that leads to permanent change.  We should chip away and dent social anxiety from every side and from every perspective -- in all situations.  If we do this little by little, by choosing the easiest situations as we move forward, and as we don't give up -- social anxiety shrinks and shrinks and shrinks.  Attempting to take too big of a step, or flooding yourself, does not work and will only lead to setbacks. 

You can only chip away and dent social anxiety in the moment, so a little bit every day is the key to success.  You may not feel as if you are accomplishing much in these little steps, but they are really a BIG deal.  Through these steps, you are changing your brain and that is a powerful process.  So focus on what you can do today, in the moment, to take social anxiety down another notch.  Yesterdays never return, but todays always turn into tomorrows.  What you do today will pay big dividends.