Forming Our Anxiety Team

Our anxiety team is beginning to form, and our first official week is next week.  We have five great, talented volunteers and people doing internships for various universities and for admittance to graduate schools.  A big thank you to our new Anxiety Team.  We will be putting together the new therapy and the new website modules that will be necessary to help more people over the internet.  

Also, thanks to our Facebook community for always encourging and motivating us!  

Published the January  Social Anxiety Mailing List.  The mailing list carries announcements, messages from Dr. Richards, stories of people overcoming social anxiety, and news about social anxiety therapy groups.    

Our Twitterfeed is now being posted on this site and on The Anxiety Network website.  The message is created in our Facebook social anxiety community and is picked up by Twitter.  The Twitterfeed then goes to this site and The Anxiety Network.