A Starting Point

The journey toward overcoming social anxiety must start at the beginning -- at square one.  Once you get started properly, anxiety gets easier and easier to handle.  In our therapy groups, we break things up into smaller pieces so that we can learn things faster (and do them sooner).  It is surprising when you've felt anxious all your life about something, that you can learn to calm yourself down and do something like introduce yourself with only a little anxiety.  Thankfully, the fact is that you can learn how to do it in a short period of time, if done in the right way.  Our research tells us that people have virtually NO anxiety about making introductions after the first group is over.

By starting at square one today, you can be 50% over and done with social anxiety within several months.  Think about where you'd be at the end of a year!  Although the task of starting may seem daunting, once you begin your progress grows exponentially as the weeks and months go by.  It's all good news. If you keep proactive, you’ll see progress.