Today's Topic: Self-fulfilling prophecies

We all engage in "Self-fulfilling prophecies" --  not by choice but by the way the social anxiety brain warps reality.  It makes it easier to see that we can learn to think rationally and get out of these negative self-fulfilling prophecies, which only make it harder for us if we believe automatic negative thoughts and beliefs (ANTs).

It is a self-fulfilling prophecy when you believe that doing a particular thing (e.g., asking for help from a stranger) is a horrible, anxiety-causing event, and because of what you believe, you make your fear about it stronger.  Fear leads to more fear.  You have predicted you will be anxious, and your belief has made it happen.

None of us want to be stuck in these negative self-fulfilling prophecies.  Learning to become more rational with ourselves is the only way out of the maze.  

You may want to join our Facebook community, as we try to get five important messages out every week.   We are transitioning from this into  a comprehensive social anxiety-only community where you can do the therapy, keep track of where you are, ask any and all questions, chat with proactive  strangers, and have moderators who have overcome social anxiety themselves. 

We hope to be finished with the initial community site by early 2014.  We appreciate the support and good wishes we receive throughout the world, and it is our only mission to help everyone with social anxiety learn how to overcome it, too.   

Negative self-fulfilling prophecies can be thought through rationally.  You can see the thinking error involved and learn to act and believe rationally.