We must OVERLEARN the Solutions

Our Facebook message for the day contains a lot of important information for overcoming social anxiety:

For all the problems, like social anxiety, that are caused by irrational beliefs and emotions, the ONLY solution is to learn how to get better.  Learning is a cognitive process, and we must OVERLEARN the solutions. Any therapy that works for social anxiety must change the brain itself. Only a learning, or cognitive, therapy can do this.

Repeat, reiterate, reinforce.  Anything you go over a lot tends to be remembered by the brain.  It's the same exact thing with therapy.  Repeat it, reiterate it, reinforce it.  As it becomes overlearned, you'll find your automatic thoughts, beliefs, and feelings will be changing, gradually becoming more rational all the time.

The ANTS cannot control you forever.  Every time you act against them, you are reinforcing that new neural pathway system in your brain.  Social anxiety really is a brain thing. And you are going to change your brain, so that social anxiety becomes a thing of the past.